Golf  Cart and Utility Vehicle



Yamaha Commercial Customer Finance (YCCF) sole purpose is to put fleets of Yamaha golf car's into the hands of golf course owners, with terms that line up perfectly with their operational needs. We are flexible, willing and ready and able to come up with custom lease structures that match the cash flow demands of your golf course.

Long thought of as the perfect solution for tournament events, long-term fleet leasing will also help you free up your capital and improve your cash flow while always keeping your fleet current. Through Yamaha, we can offer a leasing solution designed to match the cash flow demands of your golf course, whether you need a payment plan that takes into account some time out of operation for course renovation, or some slow winter months. Yamaha is the only manufacturer in the golf car business that can arrange its own financing and write its own leases.

Leasing is also perfect for businesses that need to frequently replace or update their golf cars. Ozark Golf Cars lease program provides an economic and convenient solution to your company’s golf cart needs. Available exclusively to commercial accounts in Missouri’s Ozarks and Lake Country areas, our Yamaha golf cart lease program allows you to get the top-quality carts you need without having to purchase them.

Our goal is to help you enhance your total fleet experience with flexible leasing that works for you. We’ll offer you the best service and care—before, during, and after you’ve leased your golf cars from us. Call or email us  today to discuss your leasing needs with us.

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