2017 Cushman Hauler 1200x

MORE THAN PACKS A PUNCH!  Got a job that’s dwarfing your to-do list?  You need the Cushman Hauler 1200X.  With a 9.6 cu ft cargo bed, lifted suspension and trail tires, this machine will get out there and back in a hurry.  Its muscle comes from a powerful 13.5 hp Kawasaki gas-powered engine.  The Hauler 1200X can be equipped with an optional 14.9 cu ft aluminum cargo bed for additional cargo space.  When the job is too big for anything else, give it to the Hauler 1200X.

2017 Cushman Hauler 1200x, Black, Gas, Utility Vehicle




Includes These Special Features: 

12 Cubic Ft. Cargo Bed

13.5 Horse Power Kawasaki Gas Engine  

800lb Bed Load Capacity

1500lb Towing Capacity

1200lb Vehicle Load Capacity


STOCK #J0717-3267359

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